1. Please refer to Beach Fresh 2.0 Infographic that provides some tips to consider when providing nutrition for a group as well as snack and possible catering options, but not all. When catering, try to order local as we are a neighborhood organization we want to support our small businesses. 

2. Then fill out the Food Request Form that helps facilitate nutrition coordination orders and purchase amongst all parties and keeps us accountable to that information. I will get notified of any requests and be sure to follow up with you. 

3. Make sure to touch base with a coordinator or program lead that has a procurement card to support with order purchase, most likely will be: 
  • Stew Bowerman
  • Nurhaliza Mohamath
  • Sam Woldemariam
  • Gabbie Price
  • Tamia Stanton 
  • Coach Vic
  • Marisol Santos-Perez 
  • Jerrell Davis
Senior leadership should only be looped into big events and purchases (Town Hall, B2SB, etc. where purchases can exceed $5,000) or if previous leads are unavailable. In other words they should be the last ones to ask about nutrition unless they're craving something... ???
  • Gregory Davis 
  • David Sauvion
  • Jessicka Rambus 
4. Finalize who will order and purchase the food, who will pick it up if delivery is not available, and establish that clean up is a team effort! Do you have enough utensils & cutlery for folks to take excess food home?