Manufacturer's Manual attached at end of article


  1. The first thing to do when starting the generator is to check the oil
    • There is a big panel on the side of the generator with a single screw to take out
    • After you take off the panel, just make sure there are still oil
  2. Second, look inside the gas tank cap and make sure that there is still gas
  3. After putting the cap back on, there is a small turn vent on top of the cap, twist that to on
  4. Then make sure that the Eco throttle is switched to off
    • The Eco throttle is just used to quiet the engine when its turned on
    • You can turn it on after the generator is running
  5. The Choke Throttle lever will be on the top left of the oil panel, switch that to closed
    • The closed side of the choke is on the right
    • If the generator is already warmed up you can leave the lever on the left side
  6. Now you can use the engine switch on the bottom right of the oil panel to turn on the engine
  7. And before you use the start grip to start the generator, make sure the exhaust vent isn't pointed to people
  8. Then start the generator by pulling the start grip
  9. It will take a few pulls to get the generator running
  10. You can start plugging things into the generator for power after a 2 minutes of running the generator