Manufacturer's Manual attached at end of article


  • There are three main parts of the sound system, two speakers, and a sound board
  • Two regular AUX cords
  • Wired microphone
  • Three pronged AUX cord
  • Two wireless microphones
  • USB wireless microphone adapter stick
  • Two speaker stands

Setting Up Speakers

  1. First put up the speaker stands
  2. After the stands are up, you can put the speakers on to of them
  3. Then the only thing that needs to be connected to the speakers are the two regular AUX cords
  4. Plug each AUX cord from the speakers into the audio jacks in the back of the sound board
  5. Then plug the sound boards power cord in and turn on the on switch on the back of the board

Setting Up Microphones

  1. Wired Microphone
  2. Make sure the microphone is off before plugging it in, if not it will create feedback
  3. Plug the three pronged AUX cable into the port labeled Line 1
  4. Then plug the other end of the AUX cord into the mic
  5. Turn on the microphone

Controlling Volume

  • To control the left and right speaker volume, there are two knobs labeled Main Level Control
  • To control the volume of the mic's, just go under the the right Line (Line1 or 2) and adjust the knob labeled Level, which should be on the bottom of all the other knobs
  • The Line for Bluetooth paired devices is going to be the set of knobs on the far right

Pairing with Bluetooth

  1. There is a small blue button on the sound board that needs to be pressed to start pairing
  2. Then look for the speakers Bluetooth ID on the device you are pairing to
  3. The Bluetooth has it's own volume control on the right side of the sound board